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I first heard Donnel play when a friend passed on one of his CD’s.  I love Bob Marley, he plays a lot of Bob Marley.  He’s even better live.  Very professional and friendly.  Not to mention tall!
Jamie, Vero Beach

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Donnel and Aaron were great, lots of fun at my beachside party!
Andrew Z., Palm Beach Shores


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Steeldrums were invented in Trinidad & Tobago around 1945 in the wake of the Allies' victory over Japan. Trinidadians have always been a very musical people, and so they took to the streets to celebrate this momentous victory.

Since Trinidad was (and still is to this day) a petroleum-producing country, 55-gallon oil drums were readily available at the time. As the revelers banged on the flat surface of the drums, they accidentally stumbled upon a sound that would lead to further experimentation and innovations. The creativity of these fun seekers led to the eclectic range of steel drums available today. The Steeldrum is the only musical instrument invented in the 20th Century. The sound is not generated from the size or weight of a piece of metal the way a xylophone is. Each section of the surface of a steeldrum is tightened and loosened with a hammer by a skilled tuner. Each note is isolated from the other, to protect the integrity of the tone from dissipation of the vibration caused by striking it. The steeldrum produces a unique sound which cannot be electronically duplicated.

Every year in February, bands as large as a hundred strong compete in Trinidad during what is called Panorama. Panorama is the superbowl of steel drums.

For more information on the history of pan, as well as updates on Panorama, please visit